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Hello, and welcome to my site.

Here are some basics about myself. I have been doing design work in different aspects now for over 9 years. I graduated from
Porter & Chester Institute in 1992, and then went through the Advanced AutoCad & 3D Modeling class.

My first job included drawing detail and assembly designs for Aqueous Parts Washers for about a year and a half. Here I used AutoCad.

1st job

I then ventured off to the State of Connecticut Dept. of Transportation, Highway Design Division.
There I used Microstation for laying out drainage, catch basins, curbing, and topography on Base maps. I also developed property acquisition, release land, and lease land maps.
During this time I also worked for a private surveyor performing basic survey calculations, reduce and plot field notes, and performed all CAD
for mapping. Also during this time I did work for my previous company, still using AutoCad.

During the year of 1996, I went back to Porter & Chester institute, this time as an instructor. I worked there part time nights teaching AutoCad.

In the same year I found a new job, still utilizing Microstation, at an ocean surveying company. I took survey data to produce contour maps.
I also created location and shoreline maps. I only stayed at this job a short while 6-9 months. (Too long of a drive) During this time I was still
doing side jobs for the private surveyor and my first company.

Now here I am back on AutoCad working for an Electrical Integration Company. Now I'm drawing electrical schematics, panel layouts,
and assisting in building plant layouts. I still do work on the side. I've done quite a bit of work for an individual who makes plastic extrusion
machines. I still do occasional work for the first company I worked for, and now do any kind of drawings for the church I attend.

skate Skate Rendered
3d tl

So if you need any kind of CAD work done, give me a buzz.
From small jobs, to details of assemblies, or even redraws of those

old paper & pencil drawings, I can handle all you CAD needs.